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  • Florida Foreclosure Rates Soar

    The number of homes entering foreclosure dropped in February, but a new up-turn may soon be on its way.

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    Actos Bladder Cancer Helpline

    Actos has warnings for Bladder Cancer in type II Diabetics. When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Actos...

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  • Class Action Medical Device Recalls

    Get the most updated list of medical device recalls and class actions suits. Know what the FDA has listed warnings about.

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    New Breast Implant Complications

    Our female social workers are extremely concerned about the Breast Implant Claimants and effects of faulty implants on women.

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  • Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers

    Jewish Lawyers Network Nursing Home Abuse helpline has been initiated by our MSW and founder.

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    Georgia Workers Compensation Helpline

    Jewish Lawyers Usa has launched a Georgia Workers Compensation Helpline for the Workers of Georgia.

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  • Dysport Lawyers For Dysport Lawsuits: What Is Dysport? Dysport is an acetylcholine release inhibitor, similar to Botox. Dysport helps fix   facial lines especially in the appearance of moderate to severe glabellar lin...
  • Hernia Mesh Lawyers: The Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Helpline has hernia mesh lawyers  for patients needing mesh removals or revision surgery due to a failed hernia mesh. Hernia Mesh Complication Lawsuits For...
  • Diagnostic Error Lawyers | Missed Diagnosis: Did Your Doctor Miss a Serious Medical Problem? Was There a Misdiagnosis By A Radiologist, Physician Or Hospital? Did You Lose A Loved One Due To A Medical Error? Misdiagnosis i...

Jewish Lawyer Network

National Associtaion of Jewish lawyers

Jewish lawyer Network USA currently has Jewish lawyers in Michigan, Tennessee, Florida and Georgia;Jewish Lawyers in New York and New Jersey Jewish Lawyers Washington DC, Chicago, Colorado ,Nevada,Arizona, and California.Jewish Lawyers in  North and South Carolina.  We are a growing  Association  with new members weekly.  We welcome new members to meet a growing response from the country that is happening faster then we are currently able to fill.

Our Founder,is a graduate of New York University School of Social Work and was the administrator   for psychiatric, geriatric and physically disabled facilities for 10 years. Jewish lawyer Network, National Association o Jewish Lawyers evolved from over 15 years of listening to callers seeking lawyers and hearing their preferences and requests.. Our founder has listened to people in distress  having interned  at a facility for the  criminally insane and family court in downtown Brooklyn.. She  understands the stress, and frustrations  and feelings of helplessness and vulnerability in crisis situations. That is why our moto is " thru compassion and understanding we can make a difference".  Thru 15 years overseeing referral service' and 12yrs in social work it has become evident to her that the world is changing very rapidly. In these complex and stressful times virtually  anyone at anytime can  need a lawyer. A well-chosen empathetic knowledgeable  lawyer can be one of your greatest confidants. Jewish Lawyer Network makes a lawyer client match and a need is filled. Our client connect program assists individuals in making informed thoughtful choices about their legal problems. our callers are diverse and from every walk of life, religious and ethnic background.  Who calls Jewish lawyer Network?  It can be anyone from anyplace. Just today we received an email from London for a Jewish class action Lawyer.  Last week it was someone vacationing in Nevada wanting a Jewish personal injury lawyer.  We take the time with each and every one of them to help them locate a lawyer.  Occasionally we find ourselves educating them a little and preparing them for the lawyer who will be contacting them by helping them organize their facts a bit.

Jewish Lawyers Network  assists our lawyer members as well as the clients seeking lawyers.  The Jewish lawyers Network  is a support system for our members as well as means of networking with other members. If a Member requires a referral attorney another state they can use our member resources to locate an attorney. If a member is closing his/her practice for any reason whether it be retirement, relocation or medical they can reach out for support and assistance within the Network of fellow Jewish lawyers.  If they wish to put their practice up for sale ,need to find a partner or are looking for a firm to join or merge with they can reach out to other members. If they need an office to share or use in a new or alternate location, require assistance with a court appearance or have a snowbird that needs follow-up the Jewish Lawyer Network is their resource. Jewish lawyer network has even received requests for lawyers internationally as well as lawyers seeking to join. many people call us from other countries then the USA for help. Some may need help in the USA others are actually seeking a Jewish lawyer in their native land. Many are seeking   a Jewish lawyer with understanding of the intricacies of Jewish law to understand how their legal matter should be dealt with within Jewish tradition.  Our members are diverse in their background as well as their concepts.

Jewish Lawyer Network feels there is more to a law practice then expertise. With this in mind we offer our members a practice perfect program. We learn about office staff and use a mystery shopper concept to help law practices become in close contact to the emotional needs of their clients. We believe lawyers must also be business people. Your practice is your business and will grow thru positive feedback and only if you excel in in responsiveness, listening skills and empathetic ability to understand the stress of many legal situations.  This will set you apart from the competition. We also offer support with advertising and  inexpensive dynamic websites.  Our soon to be launched directory will be the largest on of its kind, a Jewish Lawyer Network Directory.

Jewish Lawyer Network believes in these tough economic and challenging times a strong support association of peers is necessary.   We welcome you to be a part of Jewish Lawyer Networks growing community of lawyers. We welcome you to become a part of  our growing community of Jewish Lawyers and we welcome you to let us help you find a Jewish Lawyer.

  • Tragic Train Wreck In Seattle | Train Wreck Injury Lawyers: Older Structure Causes Tragic Accident- Train Wreck First responders are treating the derailment as a mass casualty incident. Authorities have not yet provided details on injuries. "Emergency crews are on the scene and the Amtrak Manage...
  • What is Florida Medical Malpractice?: Florida has a vast population of elder retired people that use doctor and hospital services. Because of this increase in medical care we could expect and increase in medical malpractice. It is important for caregivers and children of senior...
  • Misdiagnosis Or Missed Diagnosis Injury:  Get a Medical Malpractice Lawyer For A Missed Or Misdiagnosis Missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis are very  often medical malpractice. It is the professional obligation of a doctor or medical facility to make an accurate diagnosis and never...

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