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  • Florida Foreclosure Rates Soar

    The number of homes entering foreclosure dropped in February, but a new up-turn may soon be on its way.

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    Actos Bladder Cancer Helpline

    Actos has warnings for Bladder Cancer in type II Diabetics. When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Actos...

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  • Class Action Medical Device Recalls

    Get the most updated list of medical device recalls and class actions suits. Know what the FDA has listed warnings about.

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    New Breast Implant Complications

    Our female social workers are extremely concerned about the Breast Implant Claimants and effects of faulty implants on women.

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  • Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers

    Jewish Lawyers Network Nursing Home Abuse helpline has been initiated by our MSW and founder.

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    Georgia Workers Compensation Helpline

    Jewish Lawyers Usa has launched a Georgia Workers Compensation Helpline for the Workers of Georgia.

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  • Hernia Mesh Lawyers: The Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Helpline has hernia mesh lawyers  for patients needing mesh removals or revision surgery due to a failed hernia mesh. Hernia Mesh Complication Lawsuits For...
  • Diagnostic Error Lawyers | Missed Diagnosis: Did Your Doctor Miss a Serious Medical Problem? Was There a Misdiagnosis By A Radiologist, Physician Or Hospital? Did You Lose A Loved One Due To A Medical Error? Misdiagnosis i...

Jewish Credit Card Fraud Lawyer

Jewish Credit Card Fraud LawyerCredit card fraud involves an unauthorized taking of another’s credit card information for the purpose of either charging purchases to the victim’s account or removing funds from the account. It is regarded as one form of identity theft. With online purchasing having become pervasive, a thief no longer needs a physical card to make an unauthorized purchase; the cardholder’s name, the credit card number and its expiration date will usually suffice.Consequently, when a hacker opens a database or the database crashes on its own and releases its users’ credit card information, millions of accounts can become victimized almost immediately. Federal law, however, limits cardholders’ liability to $50 in the event of credit card theft, but most banks will waive this amount if the cardholder signs an affidavit, explaining the theft. Credit card fraud schemes fall into one of two general categories of fraud: application fraud and account takeover. The former refers to scammers who open credit card accounts in someone else’s name. This may occur if the criminal can obtain enough personal information about the victim to completely fill out the credit card application. Alternatively, the criminal may create counterfeit documents. Such a scheme poses a serious problem because the criminal can make a myriad of purchases without the victim having any idea. The billing statement may not come for a month, if it ever does. Account takeovers typically involves the criminal hijacking of an existing account. A criminal can pull off this scheme by obtaining enough personal information about the victim to contact the bank or credit card company and having the billing statement location changed. Upon completion, the criminal can report the card lost or stolen and ask the bank or company to send a new card to the new location. The criminal can then make fraudulent purchases on that card. Another common method used to achieve an account takeover is called “skimming.” Skimming schemes occur when dishonest employees of businesses with unfettered access to the credit cards of customers record their customers’ credit card information. They then either sell the information to identity thieves or hijack the identities themselves. If you have questions about the application of the law in a particular case, consult your lawyer. The law is constantly changing . Information on this site or any site to which we link does not constitute legal advice .
  • Merchant Funding Debt Relief Lawyers: Did You Accept A Merchant Funding Agreement? Are You Unable to Pay The Terms? Merchant Business Cash Advance Lawyers Can Help   A merchant cash advances have become  popular but, in many instances can end up to be a regretful for...
  • Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyers: Cancer is a serious disease and if it not caught early and treatment started it can be fatal. Cancer Not Diagnosed On Time? Speak To A Missed Cancer Diagnosis Lawyer Did Your Doctor Fail to Diagnose Cancer? Our  misdiagnosis or failure ...
  • What Is A Mass Tort?: We get calls on a daily basis from people interested in filing a personal injury lawsuit, medical malpractice lawsuit, class action or other claim relating to a dangerous drug or device that has caused them an injury. Many of these come und...
  • Florida Medical Malpractice Lawyers: Florida Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Filed Medical malpractice claims in Florida include lawsuits against hospitals, doctors and nursing homes  for:  misdiagnosis, failure to treat,surgical errors and  childbirth errors can result in huge ...

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