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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers, Nursing Home Negligence

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Jewish Lawyers Network Nursing Home Abuse helpline Has been initiated by our MSW and founder who was an administrator for a geriatric facility for over 12 years. According to Lisa Spitzer MSW " caring for a frail family memeber who is in a nursing home os an overwhelming experience. You hope and pray for the best but, sometimes the unthinkable happens." "Guilt and despair can overwhelm especially when you do not know which way to turn". Speak to a geriatric social worker and nursing home abuse lawyer at the nursing home abuse helpline today.
"Nursing home abuse and ACLF Abuse  is  harm to the elderly that occurs more often  then we realize.""  Very often our elderly victims of  abuse  are ignored due to what  may be labeled senility or alzheimers. Many children or relatives do not know what to do or who to believe."The  nursing home abuse helpline offers psychological advise, solace and connection to an experienced Nursing Home Abuse lawyer to file these claims of abuse."

It is very difficult to watch our grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles grow older. They become frail and helpless and easily fall victim to their surroundings. The stressors of learning to provide care for them can be overwhelming.  We look to medicines, doctors, diets, vitamins in hopes of keeping them healthy and happy and able to live as independently as they wish to. When finally the complications get too great, we turn to an assisted living, nursing home, or other long-term care facility to continue the thoughtful and protective care we are no longer able to provide on a daily basis

Many of these facilities provide excellent care, however, far too many do not. Often understaffed with underpaid and poorly trained employees, many nursing homes push the bottom line so far that they endanger the lives of their patients.

Neglected, abused, and threatened, nursing home residents may suffer physically and emotionally. Painful bedsores, broken bones, or even premature death can result from neglectful and outright abusive treatment.

Signs of Nursing Home and ACLF abuse include:

    unusual bruising or bleeding
    open wounds, sores or cuts
    burns and abrasions
    sudden and unexplained change in weight
    soiling, poor hygiene, smell of urine or feces
    loss of hair
    torn, stained, or bloody clothing or bedding

  Look For the following Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

    listlessness or unresponsiveness
    infantile or other strange behaviors
    physical or emotional withdrawal
    disappearance of personal items
    sudden and unusual financial transactions

A Nursing Home Abuse Helpline  Attorney will help determine  if there is neglect and abuse. It is very important to know  what neglect and abuse is if you are considering a lawsuit .  Negligence is carelessness or malpractice  in the performance of duties by any Nursing home staff.  Neglect is not always intentional. Abuse means to treat  in a harmfull or injurious manner  that results in pain,suffering and neglect. Negligence is  also stealing property and possessions.

Signs of  abuse include bruises, cuts, burns, or sprains that are unexplained.  There could be sudden changes in the behavior of your loved one As a family member or friend of someone who is in a facility, you  must pay close attention  to everything when you visit them. Always check with the nurse on duty,dietician,and watch as meds are administered. Also observe how other residents are being treated.Watch for Residents being kept in an over-medicated state, loss of resident's possessions, and sometimes sudden large withdrawals from bank accounts.

If a friend or loved one has suffered an injury as a result of nursing home neglect contact the Nursing Home Abuse helpline for a free consultation with one of our Nursing home Abuse Attorneys .Jewish lawyer Networks' Nursing home abuse lawyers have experience handling complex lawsuits for negligent Nursing home and ACLF care. These are contingency cases  and there are no fees or expenses unless a recovery is obtained. If your loved one dies, it is still possible to have a viable claim.

 The Lawyers of the Nursing Homer Abuse helpline offer assistance if a loved one has experienced abuse in a Nusing home, assisted living facility, ACLF  or rehabilitation facility. Your loved one and the family may be entitled to compensation for  damages and suffering. Jewish Lawyers Network Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers believe that the elderly deserve justice and protection.

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